Accolade Wines came to MKTG looking to disrupt the U.S. wine category and reach a new, younger audience that historically doesn’t drink wine.

Enter NBA star James Harden, the right talent to co-create a new wine label under Accolade that would align with a Gen Z audience.

MKTG launched “Open a new dimension” with James Harden - a campaign designed to be authentic to both his personality and the attributes of the wine.

The campaign debuted with custom animated content that brought to life the creative of the wine bottle featuring Harden’s beard. Next, we transformed the distribution model by developing content made for social-first delivery partners via strategic partnerships with GoPuff and Vivino to target Gen-Z and millennial audiences. Finally, we launched the wine with a celebrity wine tasting reception at Catch LA featuring James’ A list partners and friends.

Celebrities, influencers, sales partners and media got to taste the wine at an exclusive event with James and his friends, generating over 1.5 billion impressions and rocketing sales.

1.5 Billion Impressions

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