The MKTG Manifesto

July 13th, 2023

By Aaliyah Mitchell @ MKTG

People think of fandom as a destination.

Either you arrive or you don’t.

But fandom is truly a journey. Unending.

A journey of evolution, connection, and uncovering. 

A journey of pride, rage, humanity, and hope.

But the journey has become tougher to navigate, and the way fans engage with teams, leagues, and sponsors alike is more diversified, digitized, and demanding than ever.

And the world of sports & entertainment needs to keep pace.

That’s why at MKTG our focus is moving at the speed of fans to ensure our clients aren’t left behind, swiped past, or easily forgotten.

That means activating online, on-live & IRL.

That means choosing advancement of culture, over buzz worthy clout.

That means understanding consumer sub-cultures & elevating ALL communities.

That means knowing today’s fan better than they know themselves.


Because it’s not about getting there the fastest - it’s about keeping up the pace, as there is no destination to this race.