Talkin' Trends Q4

January 8th, 2024

As professional fanatics at MKTG we observe, we listen, we analyze and we stay curious. Our philosophy to trend identification is simple.

  • We believe trends are not a precursor to culture – they are culture 

  • We believe that true trends reveal themselves across industries + platforms in sports, culture and on social 

  • We get to the real story by uncovering the underlying motivators

And all of this enables us (and therefore our clients) to ideate smarter, story tell better, and connect deeper. Now let’s unpack a few trends from Q4 that made an impact.

01 | Reliving the Moment

Through the making of documentaries about iconic moments in popular culture and nostalgic TikTok challenges, these duplicated experiences are bringing together all generations, whether they lived through the original event or are learning about it for the first time.

Reliving the Moment in Sports: Documentaries about retired heroes of sport are seeing soaring success because of their access to behind-the-scenes stories, vulnerable truths, and powerful moments in history. Link.

Reliving the Moment in Culture: Artists are releasing their blockbuster concert films before their tours are even over. This creates an interesting moment where history is being made and relived at the same time. Link.

02 | Experiential Escapism

Brands are leveraging CGI technology and the quick development of AI to make a creative and impactful shift from reality to hyperreality. With the anti-movement pushing for realism on social, consumers want to escape into new realities.

Experiential Escapism in Sports: Brands are attracting fans of all ages by executing fully animated telecasts of past sports games featuring beloved characters. Link.

Experiential Escapism on Social: By augmenting surreal in-person activations to fit on a consumer’s phone, brands are pushing boundaries while generating buzz. Link. 

03 | Athletes as Influencers

Brands are leveraging athlete brand ambassadors as they are trusted more overall than typical influencers due to their recognition for skills they have outside of “influencing”. 

Athletes as Influencers in Culture: Brands are integrating athletes into lifestyle content due to the rise in interest of athletes’ personal lives. Link.

Athletes as Influencers on Social: Brands are leveraging new NIL rules by partnering with college athletes to promote their brands to younger audiences. Link.

To learn more about trend reporting at MKTG or to chat what we’re loving lately in sports, culture, or on social, reach out and follow us @mktg_inc.