Talkin’ Trends Q1

April 24th, 2024

At MKTG, we are professional fanatics - observing, listening, analyzing and always staying curious. Our philosophy to trend identification is simple.

We believe trends are not a precursor to culture – they are culture.

We believe that true trends reveal themselves across industries + platforms in sports, culture and on social.

We get to the real story by uncovering the underlying motivators.

And all of this enables us (and therefore our clients) to ideate smarter, tell better stories, and connect deeper. Now, let's delve into a few impactful trends from Q1.


Consumers are rejecting traditional notions of success and striving for balance and contentment outside conventional measures of ambition. The pressure of requiring additional income weighs heavily on younger generations, leading them to redirect their burnout elsewhere. – Link


Brands are embracing a holistic approach to wellness, redefining productivity to encompass mindfulness in addition to physical health.. – Link


Gen Z copes by engaging with content, turning frustrations into relatable trends. Corporate stereotypes have adopted a comedic tone on platforms like TikTok, playfully ribbing Gen Z's approach to work culture and office norms. – Link

Rebranding Americana


The resurgence of country culture extends beyond music, influencing different facets of society, from fashion runways to social trends. It represents not just a rebranding, but a notable shift—a step toward reclaiming a narrative that has excluded non-white voices. What stands out in this revival is its departure from clichés, presenting a nuanced portrayal of modern Americana. – Link


Americana style is changing, seen in how Country Music is opening up to new voices and ideas, while maintaining its core emphasis on storytelling and emotional resonance. – Link


Despite their love of Americana paraphernalia, Gen Z's engagement with this trend often transcends political connotations, viewing it through a lens of aesthetic nostalgia rather than a political statement. – Link

The Beauty of Sport


Amidst the traditional realm of sports sponsorship, beauty brands are making a notable entrance into the scene, carving out their own space with highly visible ventures into previously less tapped audiences.  – Link


Notably, we’re seeing this trend in traditionally male-dominated areas like Formula 1 and men's college basketball, challenging previous gender barriers and reflecting a shift in societal norms embraced by newer generations. – Link

Away “Away” Games


Get ready to pack your jerseys as sports tourism is booming. With fans craving live action, it's become one of the travel industry's fastest-growing sectors. As work-life balance diminishes in hybrid work environments, consumers prioritize exploration during their PTO. – Link


Celebrities and fans from near and far flocked to witness the highly anticipated games and events. The globalization of sports further ignites fans' longing for live experiences, merging their craving for escape with their passion for sports. – Link

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